For more than two decades, The Health Education Network  has been bettering behavioral health practices. We help people get better by educating healthcare providers and patients with cutting-edge technology and a commitment to treating the whole person: mind, body, and soul.

We aren’t just a research, policy, and consulting firm. We are a performance improvement partner for leaders and organizations across government, health care, and higher education.Through our change management model, we collaborate with executives and their teams to find and implement the best solutions to their toughest challenges. But it’s not enough just to know the right answer—we need to solve real-world problems in a caring holistic manner.

Our focus has always been toward “least of us”, our most vulnerable, and often forgotten elements of society. The programs we have designed, implemented, and evaluated have made an indelible mark on the people we have been honored to serve. The Health Education Network is connects you to the best practices, to better serve our clients, for the good of us all.